Do Dumb Shit

BlackSheep is a place for youth to seek advice and use it to reach a greater potential in a personal stand point. With that being said, the lesson for today is DO DUMB SHIT. DISCLAIMER: When I say dumb shit I mean shit that you won’t regret later in life. If you have any slight thought that you might regret doing the thing you are about to do, DON’T DO IT. Regretting something is never worth it. You are wasting your time thinking about what could have happened, when you could use that time to be thinking about what you can be doing now or in the future. Now, what is the logic to this incredibly weird lesson? Great question! Life is about living and learning. If you constantly do the same thing, you’re gonna end up in a lame routine not growing as a individual and living a boring life. You always need to be one step ahead of

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