Clam Bayou is a smaller city park, located in-between Gulfport, Saint Petersburg and Boca Ciega Bay. This estuary is an enclosed coastal area of brackish water, it isn’t exactly salt water, but definitely not fresh water. Below is geographic view of the park for a better idea.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 3.49.33 PM

The sidewalk I took—also known as the Skyway Trail—is the curvy line that splits into two at the top right of the page. The park itself contains one hundred seventy acres, but as you can see if you stay on the sidewalk, you really only see a small portion of the estuary. Clam Bayou is actually one of the few remaining untouched areas in the country, but there is trash due to American’s consumption habits. With that in mind, there is plenty of animal life that can be seen here.




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I saw over five different species of birds at Clam Bayou, but was only able to catch a few on camera. Above, you can get a better idea of what I saw. The day I was there, I only saw  birds and fish, but manatees and turtles frequent the area as well.

Another great advantage of visiting Clam Bayou is it’s a great place to go kayaking or paddle boarding. However, you have to bring your own kayak or paddle board as there isn’t a rental facility on location. If I did take that opportunity, I’d probably would have walked away seeing a bit more.

Overall, this place was wonderful. There was some trash, as you can see in the pictures above, but I believe that we are more to blame for that. It was super peaceful and made me feel at one with nature. Although, I wouldn’t make a day out of it, I would give myself an hour or two to really admire mother natures beauty. Below are more pictures I took to give you some insight into what I saw:




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I hope you explore this wonderful gem and enjoy it for its true beauty. Please subscribe to keep up to date with more adventures!

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