If you have never been to Fort Myers Beach in Florida, I highly recommend taking a day off to visit there. I explored the beach for a day. The city and the beach are actually not as close as you would think, so I chose to spend my entire day at the beach. Here is a geographic view for you:

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 4.01.03 PM

The margin in the red is the actual city line and if you follow the left yellow line (RTE 865), you’ll see where Fort Myers Beach is. Depending on how North you are in the city of Fort Myers, it can range anywhere from twenty to forty minutes to get to the beach.

If you do plan on visiting just the beach, I’d recommend finding a place to stay in the nearer cities, like Harlem Heights or Cypress Lake. Since I just took a day to explore the beach, I will tell you only what I know about the beach and not the city.

The first thing that really stuck out to me about this beach was all the different colors. Each building near the beach was painted with at least two different colors, murals or had something eye grabbing.

This beach has a good mix between food, drink, ice cream and shopping. (Yes, ice cream is its own category.) With the beach being a moderate size, nothing was overwhelming in choosing where to go. I stayed near the main square where the pier was, but the beach does expand out further with more shops and restaurants.

Another thing I noticed about this particular beach was the abundance of art and sculptures.

All the paintings you see above are of the Fort Myers Beach itself. Once you see the beach, you will appreciate these painting so much more because it’s such a wonderful representation of what you actually see. The turtle sculpture was just as wonderful because children are welcomed to play on it. Not only that, the turtle has so many realistic features you can’t help but admire it.

Lastly, the beach. The beach was surprisingly clean for the amount of people there enjoying it. Something else I noticed was the amount of seagulls there. Compared to every other beach I have been to, it had the least amount seagulls. Another thing I really loved about this beach was the sand. It was close to white and felt like powder on your feet. I normally stay away from sand as much as possible, but not this time. I found myself digging my toes in the sand and playing like a child with a new toy. The only negative thing I could take away was the murky beach water. Although most beach water isn’t crystal clear, it was something evident, but didn’t stop anyone from enjoying the water on that sunny day. Here are some fun beach pictures for you to enjoy:

Altogether this was an incredible day trip destination. I wouldn’t have spent more than a day at this particular beach though. In the city, where there are more tourist attractions, I might  have considered adding on a few days to explore it all. The last thing I want to share is the overall vibe I took away from this place and that can be explained with just one picture from the beach itself.


I hope you all enjoyed this adventure and experience it for yourself. Don’t forget to subscribe!