Confidence is an extremely important trait to have with you throughout your time on Earth. Although it isn’t necessary for growing physically, it is necessary in order to grow mentally. You may not think so, but I assure you it is.

Here are some reasons why confidence is necessary.

  • Thinking negativity about yourself every time you look in the mirror drains you mentally and physically.

If you want to be happy with your self image, you have to think positive thoughts. Instead of looking for everything wrong in yourself, look for your traits that really amplify your beauty. When you belittle yourself constantly, you start your day off on the wrong foot. The second thought to come to your head will have a better chance of being negative because of your first thought. There is a chain reaction to every thought you have of yourself, positive or negative.

  • The more labels you put on yourself, the longer it will take to free yourself from them.

Everyday you think something of yourself, positive or negative, you dig this thought deeper and deeper in your brain. The deeper the thought is, the harder it is to get it out. So why not engrave your brain with something purposeful rather than something rotten.

  • Temporarily changing your appearance won’t permanently address the underline driver of your current self image.

Dying your hair every two weeks to cover up the brown you’re embarrassed of, is wasting time and money. Plus it grows out and looks even more crazy half the time when your roots are different from the rest of your head. (Some people can really rock that style though.) I understand dying hair is normal and many people do it for a number of reasons, but don’t dye your hair because you’re ashamed of the color. Think of your natural hair color as your culture. It defines who you are. Dying your hair was just an example, it can be anything really.

  • Don’t be afraid to accept the things you can not change.

People will always judge till the end of time. It is in our human nature to judge things, but it is our confidence that must comprehend whether we want to listen to them or not. Being a little more confident goes a long ways. You stop getting distracted about what others think of you, but rather how you think of yourself.

  • Confidence is evident.

Someone can easily tell whether or not you are confident. It can be shown through body langue, eye contact and how you speak. When people are confident, it is easier to  approach them, communicate with them, and strike up a conversation. Confidence gives off a certain attractive persona as well, but there is a difference between confident and cocky. Don’t let the two terms merge.