The beach at night has so many advantages compared to the beach during the day. A couple things you don’t have to worry about at night is getting burnt, having people stare at you and worrying about your beach things getting stolen. The beach at night can be a peaceful experience since there is a lack of humans. Here are some more reasons to enjoy the beach at night:

  • Night swimming. 

Night swimming isn’t as bad as you think, as long as you stay close to shore. In the summer, the beach water is practically bath water temperature. Yes, people worry about sharks and there have been horrific incidents with deaths involving sharks recently, but there are safety precautions you can take.

  1. Avoid swimming alone.
  2. Avoid wearing bright color clothing and shiny jewelry while swimming.
  3. Do not go swimming with open wounds (minor or major).

To add, sharks fear us more than we fear them. If anything, you should fear getting taken by the tide more than a shark attack.

  • Night sky.

The night sky is my favorite thing about the beach at night. If you go on a clear night at the right time, you can see stars, planets and even shooting stars if you look long enough. I have been a couple of times and been able to see Mars, Jupiter and Venus all at the same time. There are a couple different apps you can download on your phone that will show you stars and their names, planets and will enlighten you when an astronomic occurance is happening.

  • Light up frisbee.

Bringing a light up frisbee to the beach at night is an exciting experience while staying socially and physical active. If you have enough people, you could even play a game of frisbee with goals. Sometimes you can only watch the sky for so long, that is why  a back up plan always helps.

  • Working out.

When you work out on the beach at night, you are protecting yourself from the extremely powerful sun. I recently saw a video of a women almost passing out on a trail because she was dehydrated from the summer sun. I myself when I was little became dehydrated and was rushed to the hospital. Working out at night helps your workout in the long run because you don’t get as tired compared to when the sun is beating on you constantly.

  • Sunset. 

Depending on where you are geographically and the time of day, you can see the sun right before it sets. If you have never seen a sunset on the beach, I highly recommend putting it on your bucket list. If you happen to be on the other coast, try the to enjoy the sun rise on the beach instead.

  • Waves crashing.

There have been many times where I have almost fallen asleep on the beach while being engulfed with the sound of crashing waves. It is so relaxing and really helped me clear my mind. If you ever need time to get away from the world, try the beach at night.