If you are every in the south Florida area, I highly recommend The Alchemist. It is located in Wilton Manners near the Fort Lauderdale area. It can be on the expensive side for a college student, but I can vouch for a quality breakfast. The Alchemist serves many things other then breakfast like pizza, sliders and brunch.


The menu above serves a good hand full of things to choose from. Only really breakfast or lunch related. I would enjoy coming back to here and trying something else for lunch. I heard many of the tea’s and coffee’s are worth it.


I got the chefs breakfast, it is first on the list under brunch on the menu. It starts out as a waffle-hashbrown on the bottom. It then works its way into a simple egg with the possibility of salt and pepper. Sliced avocado comes next and don’t forget to top it off with peppers and light chopped lettuce. The coffee was just a cherry on top, really.

I also took to consideration of being handed tin trays and glass jars. I enjoyed the fact that the utensils would be washed and used over and over. Something a little less likely to end up in the ocean. Overall the vibe of the place was quite respectable. Even the people that worked there where super helpful. The outside seating was clean and had plenty of shade and greenery, which was appealing to the eye.

The real gem of this entire place is the art not too far down from the restaurant. It is crazy how easy you can miss such a place. Many of the pieces you see are from different street artists. All the art is painted on abandoned building with no roof, so it is completely open. The building was white at one point, but was brought back to life somehow with the expressing artist color choice. All blending well with one another. If you are lucky, you might find an artist at work there.

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