Looking at Life with a Smile

There are only two ways to go about life; having a negative outlook or positive outlook. If you choose to take a pessimistic view of life, expect misery and sorrow. On the other hand, the path of optimism leads to appreciation and contentment. Your overall attitude towards life is critical in your self development.

This simple decision may seem silly and almost childish, but I can fully assure you that this choice you make can map out your life. The path of doubt and darkness is a long one,  and extremely hard to leave once you’re on it. It consists of negative energy and thoughts. The hopeful path, however, is something encouraging and full of energy.

The attitude you bring in life affects the people in your life. Many people feed off each others’ energy, it is just a human trait. Many people have been in a situation where in a group outing, one person is just miserable and sucking the life out of the party. Or you have probably been in a situation that was more enjoyable when a certain person showed up.

On a smaller scale of things, toxic relationships are an example of “the dark path.” It is one thing to bring yourself down, but why bring others down with you? It goes vise versa as well. Wouldn’t you want your friends to spread good vibes when hanging out? Think about this when you are stuck in a “lame” or “dumb” situation, and try your best to keep a positive outlook.

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