Not too far down from the Chihuly Museum on Central Ave in downtown Saint Petersburg is the Imagine Museum. This contemporary glass museum is quite impressive and shows a vase amount of glass art. It has two floors with a constant rotating exhibit on the second floor.

Currently on the second floor is Paul Stankard’s exhibit “Unseen Worlds.” His exceptional work was extremely detailed and gave you a sense of peacefulness. Many of his displays presented were paper weights with his art inside. A majority of them were revolving around the universal theme of Honey Bees.

Paul Stankard’s exhibit is currently on display and will be there until January 13th, 2019. One thing I really loved was the poem that was displayed as art on the wall in the exhibit. This poem helped me understand the beauty of Honey Bees and the importance they have here on Earth. It also displayed another form of art in a museum where you wouldn’t expect it. It wasn’t too long and really tied in the whole theme of the art as a whole.

The first floor had many different pieces to go to different exhibits. They had about nine rooms overall on just the first floor alone. Many sculptures had traits where the glass was bent is such a way it looked almost alive or working. The range of glass art was quite impressive too.

The best thing about this particular museum is the weekly deal of $5 Thursday nights from 5pm-8pm. Many museums now are quite expensive when paying the regular admission fee, so to experience this museum for $5 made it all the better.

Glass art is an incredible experience, if you let it be. Opening your mind to different sculptures and works helps really appreciate things for what they are worth. Many artist go through a long and persistent process to make sure everything is perfect and up to par for all its viewers, so consider admiring such work for yourself.