As the new year approaches and the same goals come around, I recommend adding to the long list of goals a healthier mind set because that is where it all starts. Looking at the glass half full rather than half empty helps build a prosperous mindset that can lead to achieving your goals rather than letting them pass by year to year. Staying positive is always the first step you do in any given situation.

Starting small is the second step. The average person can not just flip a switch and end a nasty habit. It takes time and effort to train yourself into a better life style overall. It can take years for people to fully grasp a healthy habit.

A healthy habit can be any recurring action from one’s self to show beneficial gains in the future. This can be a physical, mental or spiritual habit to which you believe you need in order to help you grow as a person.

Many Americans shutter at the word “healthy” for some reason. Many fear it and would rather run than face it, instead look at the new year with a sharpened mindset and a fixed focus. Take one goal at a time and remember that the turtle wins the race.

Step three is to be open and communicative about your goal(s). Any job that needs to be accomplished can be done more effectively with a team rather than an individual. If you are open to others about your goal and ask for support, you are way more likely to be successful in the future. You need someone to hold you accountable so you don’t stray off course.

The end of the year is rolling around rather quickly, so keep this mind as you face the holidays. Again stay positive, start small and share the news.