Many people have something that gives them a drive in life. This drive pushes them to the opportunity of their full potential. People do it most in their free time and others pursue it as a career. What ever you do and how you do it doesn’t matter. It is about how often you do it and why you do it that matters.

A beneficial passion that keeps you busy and out of trouble is the ideal picture here. Depending on what you like to do and how much free time you have can help you get a clue as to what you can do. A passion can even be something towards a goal in life you are working towards.

I put this video together to show how just a few people were able to make such a large difference in the community. This small event helped donate over 1,000 sandwiches to the Society of Saint Vince de Paul.

This passion for bettering the community came from getting involved and researching current community problems. This is just one passion I have, but this is something I put much of my time to currently.

Passions come in all shapes and forms. Find something that makes you happy, but that also shows benefit in either yourself or the people around you.