Your mindset is the base for how the day can go or how you perceive any situation. It is the starting point to any thought or action. It is critical to control your mindset because you don’t want to fall into a deep, dark hole of negativity or irrational thinking.

When a mindset is fully considered or polished with wisdom, you can begin to think in a manner that you wouldn’t normally. You might find clarity and rationality in your thoughts. I think that mastering our mindset early can help us in the long run.

When I say “mindset,” I am referring to that term broadly because everyone can be looking for something different in relation to improving their mindset. When reflecting on my own thoughts, I tend to analyze who is around me and how they benefit me. For example, in my journey to accomplishing a more motivating mindset, I have cancelled out friends that don’t have the same goals as me and this has provided me with a healthier attitude.

The first step I take to get out of an emotionally taxing mindset is taking a breath. I understand that for me to think logically, I have to isolate myself from the world. I tend to find my comfort in music and happy places. Although everyone has a different place in mind, knowing where that place is and being able to go there is what can change your mindset from misery to positivity.

If that fails me, then I reflect on what I am grateful for because I know some people are not as lucky as me. Everyone has their own inner battles, so it would be selfish to think that you are the only one to have it bad.

Whenever you feel that you’re alone or that your mindset is not up to par, take a breath and remember that it is always okay to be the black sheep.