If you are an art lover and have a free day to kill in Downtown Miami, I highly recommend visiting the Perez Art Museum Miami. This museum features both modern and contemporary art through sculptures, paintings and short film clips. Since they focus on art from the 20th and 21st century, this museum is marketed toward a younger crowd of art gurus.

One of the pluses was the price point. For the size of the museum and the collection of art exhibited, it was affordable with plenty to see. The ticket price per person ranges from $12 to $16. With my student ID, I got in for $12. As of right now, P.A.M.M. is offering free lockers for guest with a bag, food or drink, but it is a “first come, first served” basis.

There is parking at the museum, but there is a fee. The P.A.M.M. website states, “Rates are $8 for the first hour and $4 for each additional hour.”I wanted to spend as much as possible at this museum so, I did find free parking in the downtown area. However, it was a twenty minute walk from the car to the museum.

The architecture of the building was another thing that stood out to me. The building itself is very modern. It is aesthetically pleasing and complimented the art held within the building. Another benefit to the outside scenic view, was how close the museum was to a small bridge found in the Biscayne Bay. If you sit and wait long enough in the deck chairs, you may see small boats go by at their leisure.

The museum has two stories full of art. Each room you walk into has a unique theme. Some have strictly sculptures, others are all paintings, and a few consist of mixed disciplines. Here are a couple examples to show some of the work exhibited:

Each room had about five to ten piece. Some of the rooms located in the museums where strictly dedicated to certain artist and other rooms had a variety of artist together. The artist in the museum are from all across the country and had a diverse ethnic background. Here are just a few of the artist presented in the museum:

Mel Bochner

Ebony G. Patterson

Leonardo Drew

Jose Carlos Martinat

Although I couldn’t find Jose Carlos Martinat’s website, I did come across a great representation of his art from a Youtuber by the name of Eric Minh Swenson. You can watch it below:

Overall, this museum was exceptional. The location, the artistic disciplines represented, and the manner in which the art was displayed all tied in nicely together. The overall price for the museum wasn’t crazy expensive and there was reasonable discounts if you qualify. Not only was the price up to par, the large variety and quality of art displayed is well worth the ticket price. One con I’d consider for this museum was the cost to park on site. Although it is downtown Miami, but make it a flat fee rather than charge for each additional hour.