“The world is going to end, and your generation is going to see it first-hand.”

I stood their speechless, not knowing what to say or even possibly know how to react to such a comment. As the typical New Yorker, he didn’t give me a second to ponder on the response.

“Look, I gotta go. Watch the movie though, it will change your life!” said Victor.

I was first introduced to the documentary, Four Horsemen by a coworker who is fascinated with history and conspiracy. Yes, his name happens to be Victor. He pretty much pitched the documentary exactly as the first few lines go. I will tell you truthfully, when someone recommends anything to me, only a mental note is taken.

After Victor left work that day, something was different about this recommendation. It was not a good different though, it was a bad different. How can Victor just tell me my world is going to end and then just leave like it was nothing? Who does this guy really think he is?

Victor had an upcoming vacation and I knew he would ask me about the documentary when he came back. On top of that, my curiosity nudged me off the cliff about this whole, “Your world is going to end” situation.

After watching the award-winning film, I really felt inspired to dig deeper into some of the social issues they discussed. With this mission in mind, I want to bring you with me so, for the next six weeks, Black Sheep will do a series called, “Tough Topics of Tomorrow.” Many issues brought up in the film will be investigated in this series. However, since this documentary is mainly money focused, I want to transition into current issues that weren’t discussed in the documentary that should be acknowledged.

I am super excited for this series because I feel that we all can see things from many new perspectives. Something I have already learned is a quote from the American Declaration of Independence reads as followed:

“All experience has shown that mankind is more disposed to suffer- while evils are sufferable- than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. “

Translated into modern terms:

“People would rather suffer, (unless the situation is so bad that they have no choice) than to fix their situation by radically changing their life or their society.

We can just all say thank you to WheresMyElephant on reddit.com for that lovely modern day translation.

If you have never seen the documentary Four Horsemen and want to watch it, the full documentary is FREE on YouTube provided on the link is below. If you don’t want to watch it though, that is fine too. I will add that this gives a good look at what some educated business professionals are saying about America.