We all have that one junk drawer in our desk that we refuse to open unless we really have to. There could also be that part of the closet that if you open it, it just might come crashing down on you like a fierce avalanche. The trunk of a vehicle may also be accountable for the extra ton added to the weight of a transportation vessel. Either way, we all have a part of our life that could use some organization.

Many people in the world struggle with organization. Not because it is hard, but because it is a difficult thing to keep up with. Once we finally organize something the way we like, life comes along and messes it up quicker than excepted. Then the dreadful process starts all over again. This can force a person to get worn down consistently.

Let’s face the facts, anything dealing with organization takes time. People just don’t wake up and everything is perfectly organized. If that was the case, we would all be super organized, and there would be no need for me to type out a whole post discussing this. To counter the argument, being messy takes even more time. Looking for something endlessly could have all been resolved if the item you are looking for has a home.

Now that we know the struggles of organization, let’s explore simple ways to keep life in order:


There is only a very small number of people in this world that can wake up and change their messy life in one night to organized perfection. If you are not a person who can switch life like a flip of a switch, you have got to start small and work your way up. What I man by starting small is finding one thing that will make a small difference in the moment but would make a huge difference over time.

For example, putting away anything immediately after you are done using it. Laundry is a great example of putting it away as soon as you get it. As we all know, if you let your clothes sit in a ball after being washed, they end up being super wrinkly by the time you are ready to use them.


Organization doesn’t come in wrapped up in box with a bow tie on the top of it. You have to find what works for you. The great thing about organization is it comes in so many different forms and outlets. For example, scheduled planning is something we all have to deal with. What is great is that scheduling comes in so many outlets. There are planners, Google Calendars and even reminders that come with our technology, helping us stay organized.

Everyone is different when it comes to organization. It is also harder for some people to catch on than others, but one thing that is universal is that organization can help everyone in many different ways.