Now is the time for everyone to stop thinking about what materialistic things people think will make them happy and start realizing that caring for the environment is so much more important and also super easy. Take into mind these few and easy steps to change your life for the sake of the world:

  1. Stop the Plastic Straws!

I know we have all seen the horrific video of a veterinarian pulling a straw out of a turtle’s nose. If you have not seen it, here is the short version for you to watch:

How horrible does that make you feel? You might be thinking, “I throw out my plastic straws in the trash though!” It does not matter. The more people use plastic straws, the more likely the straws are going to end up in the ocean. Instead of using plastic straws, buy reusable metal straws or compostable paper straws. Straw are used for maybe an hour, then tossed. Avoid the problem overall and drink from the cup.

  1. Bring your own cup!

You can buy a cheap reusable cup at the dollar store for a dollar and six cents. That one-dollar investment can save you hundreds of dollars over the years if you fill it from the water fountain over and over rather than consistently buying plastic water bottles that also come in a plastic wrapping that doesn’t help the environment in any way or form. Many coffee shops or business also give you a huge discount if you bring in your own cup as well.

  1. Learn how to recycle properly!

It is one thing to recycle once in a while, but it is a whole other thing to always be aware of what you recycle and to do it correctly. Many things that would lead you to think something is recyclable actually might not in fact be able to be used again. For example, coffee cups cannot be recycled because of the harsh wax lining that is on the inside of the cup. That is why it is so important to bring your own cups to coffee shops and restaurants. Styrofoam is also another thing that cannot be recycled. The worst part about Styrofoam is it can break down to pebble size pieces and stay floating around in the ocean until a fish eats it thinking it is food. Then that same fish is grilled just to eaten by a human who will also ingest the micro plastic as well. Does plastic sound yummy to you?

  1. Tell EVERYONE!

The most important thing to being eco friendly is letting the world know what the leading problems are. One reason why we are still struggling with plastic is because many people don’t understand the complexity of the problem. If more people knew and understood what challenges the whole world face, people’s attention would shift from Kim Kardashians tight outfit to actual worldwide problems that need solutions like too much plastic.

Photo by Jordan Beltran on Unsplash