If you have not been informed on the biggest college admission scandal ever in history, please skim the informative article from USA Today that can be found here.

As a college student whose dreams were to attend an Ivy League University one day, I can say confidently that I am so terribly disgraced with the United States education system and the United States Judicial system who continues to fail the lower and middle class American people repeatedly.

Many of the parents that participated in Singer’s scandal knew damn well what they were doing and yet most of these parents and educational workers will probably not receive any jail time, but also a fine that would be considered pocket change to these wealthy individuals.

I am so terribly hurt that this white-collar crime hit headline for maybe a week or two and was sweep under the rug in such little time. Not only did none of these privileged children deserve to be accepted, they boasted about it for all the rest of the world to feel bad about themselves.

I have worked so incredibly hard to get where I am today in my education and I still do not stand a chance against some of the wealthiest children who have probably never worked a real job in their life. I have done over fifty different scholarship applications to only be handed less than $10,000 in financial help towards a $100,000 education that quite frankly my family or I can’t afford.

The parents and the ivy league Universities that participated in this horrific act all deserve the maximum punishment to set an example to every other white collared crime out there. Giving the satisfactory of an amateur punishment to these top money-making revenues (people or institution) is clearly showing the lack of accountability that, we the people, hold to the judiciary system and the educational system.

It is truly horrific the pressure these parents felt that compelled them to willfully lie and cheat for their children without the child having a clue. It is also a whole other thing to entice the same children to boast about it repeatedly and publicly.

These same children that will attend the top-notch schools in the country, will soon discover that they truly don’t belong in the setting that their parents thought would be best for them. This could then lead to more cheating in the assignments and test that will be required from them every day. These actions could even create a chain effect that leads other students, who may or may not have worked hard, to conduct the same behavior in order to obtain the easy way out.

History has repeated itself over and over in many different ways. People with money always win and everyone else suffers for it. The suffering majority need to take a stand against the unjustified acts of the wealthy and powerful to end the consistent and recurring advantages that have been served on a silver plater.

Photo by Charles DeLoye on Unsplash