As Summer slowly comes to a close, I decided to finish this semester with a new adventure. I wanted to accomplish experiencing a spring before finals arrived on me to get my head relaxed.

After asking some friends, we all came to the conclusion that Kelly Park Rock Spring would be the best opportunity with the time being.

Being the committed group of individuals we are, we left around 6am for a two hour drive to the spring. Arriving around 8am, we quickly realized that the lines filled up quickly and the chances of us getting in were very slim.

One benefit to being in that area was a second spring not being too far away from our original plan. The two springs were not anymore that 15 minutes apart from each other. The second spring was called Wekiwa Spring Park.

This smaller spring has less hype compared to Kelly Park Rock Springs, but is still beautiful as ever. When we arrived around 8am it took maybe five minutes to get 500 feet away from the spring. This line was way smaller compared to Kelly Park Rock Spring. The park is $6 per car, so it also was extremely affordable.

Once the short wait was over, we quickly settled in and found a spot. Since it rained quite a bit the day before, the ground was soaking wet. By the time I left the park, my towel was twice as heavy from soaking up all the water on the ground.

Although there was some young people at the park, the most predominate groups were large families. The families that arrived came very prepared for the day. One family brought out a table, another family brought a whole hookah set up and the last one had a full tent.

One thing every family had was goggles, floats and food. If you come with just those three things and maybe a towel, you will be set for the whole day!

Here is a small glimpse of the paddling section that is pass the swimming area. You are more than welcome to bring your own equipment but if you use the Spring’s kayaks or canoes, there is a charge.

There is quite a few things to do here other than kayaking. Here you can find all the things to do at the spring with prices and hours. There is a small habitat viewing, but the animals are switched out quite often. It is ideal for a child to learn more about animals seen at the spring.

Lastly, this video features the swimming area closes to the spring. There is quite a bit extra lawn space that is not captured in this short video. The nice thing about this spot was the amount of trees and nature that surround the spring. Since there was an abundance amount of tree’s, there was more shade than I thought. That is much appreciated in Florida’s Summer.

This park was amazing! The water was cold, but it was so clear and clean. I highly recommend experiencing this place at least once. Come prepared to spend the whole day there and take many pictures.