In the year 2020, I will take a step closer to mastering my time by utilizing the Bullet Journal Method. Bullet Journaling is a adaptable planning tool used by many people around the world to organize, plan and succeed in whatever they wish to achieve.

I first discovered the planner ideology through a local art store that held crafty classes regularly. After the first bullet journaling class, I realized that bullet journaling is an organized and creative way to live a more insightful life.

Before completely diving into a whole new journal, I wanted to do a small test run with 210 mm X 148 mm grid journal to see if it was right for me. The idea was highly recommended in the book The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll, the creator of the Bullet Journal.

I started in September and worked all the way through December (yes, consistently). I created weekly spreads, collections, trackers and took notes on the book. In the four months that I have been practicing, I have enjoyed almost every minute of it. I have learned so much about myself and live a more focused life because of it.

One of the best aspects to this practice is how much reflection is intertwined with bullet journaling. Despite the amount of opportunity and possibilities that bullet journaling holds, it can also be a time consuming black hole. That is why setting harsh deadlines and being time sensitive is critical when planning and creating.

With so much to do everyday, utilized my time efficiently is important. Sometimes, I didn’t have room in my schedule to update or look at my bullet journal. It was disappointing at first, but I knew that I could reflect on my emotions and explore better opportunities trough bullet journal reflection.

When thinking critically or just planning, I didn’t let my spelling, my handwriting or a page set up get in the way of my creative process. I focused on what is important, nothing else.

In the new year, I will retire my current prototype and move into the real deal. In my new journal, I am hoping to gain good habits, a focused mindset, and a happy life. Challenge yourself to a more organized way of living with bullet journaling. If you do start a bullet journal, please tag me on Instagram and Twitter! I’d love to see how the method works for you!