My life is chaotic. Keeping track of school assignments, bills and business responsibilities are very stressful and time consuming. I like to consider myself a planner, but I have a bad tendency to be a procrastinator as well.

Bullet journaling is a great way to expand organization and limit frustration. Bullet journaling is not for everyone, but it is a simple tactic that can be beneficial in many ways. For me, working in a bujo helped me with my procrastination problem. I realized that rewriting task every week or sometimes everyday was super annoying. The only way to avoid it was actually completing the task. (Very 1st world problems, I know)

Despite the simple solution, this is what the bullet journal was created for! On top of procrastinating less, I track more and let different spreads do most of my memory keeping. I recorded bills, spending habits and fun memories through collaging. Our brain can only handle so much information, why force it to hold maximum capacity when we don’t need to?

On top of being a procrastinator, I also have a horrible memory. Most days, I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast. Recording what I have done over times jogs my memory, makes me remember more and is a fun piece of writing to read years from now.

Not only do I live a more organized life, I have more passion and focused life. When planning out my week, I always refer back to my goals before figuring out what needs to be done. Creating the habit of looking at goals before planning, is critical because it helps focus your task around your goals.

Self development is something everyone should be striving towards every year. If you are not looking to improve yourself, you are taking steps back. Always push yourself, strive for uniqueness and try new things this year.

I am working towards self improvement, organization and my goals for 2020 through my bullet journal. I am excited to take you all along with my through this journey! Follow me on Instagram and twitter to see how my spreads turn out.