Safari Edventure is a non-profit animal rescue habilitation center about thirty minutes south of Miami in a city called Homestead. It is an amazing hidden gem that needs to be seen and experienced by more people. This place is for all ages, but families and children would probably have the most fun here since there is so much opportunity to interacted personally with a variety of animals.

People are allowed to touch and pet different animals, but there are certain animals that are completely off limits. For example, there was a 12-foot barracuda snake that had a huge warning sign on the front of the cage to keep your distance. Not all signs had a big warning label on it though. In the sign below on the Macaw bird, I was informed on what I was looking at, some basic information on the animal and was able to do more research if I felt obligated to.

70% of the animals on the property are rescued animals. The other percentage of the animals where either born there or being taken care of for different organizations. The simple farm land has a baby alligator, wolves, goats, donkeys, sloths, pigs, turtles, and a large amount of different birds.

Despite the wide range of animals, in your admission ticket you have the option to see an educational show presented by an animal care giver. The expert comes out three different times throughout the day to inform the audience on the basics of the business and bring out different animals to talk about them more in-depth. Some of the animals can do fun tricks for the audience.

The biggest perk of this place is getting to pet wolves. After the show, another worker lets small groups go into a large cage with two different wolves. Once secured in the cage, you are allowed to pet and take as many pictures as you want. The wolves are super friendly and want to be pet! It can be scary at first, but it is quite exhilarating when you are up close and personal.

One thing that really stood out to me was the staff at this location. They are informative and always willing to help, even though there was very few of them. The animals all seem very happy and are fed well.

The business is not federally funded, so they depend on admission prices and donations to feed and run their operation. It is $15 for adults. Children are $8 per child. They also do private tours that included a more intimate experience, feeding and petting certain animals. Here is a sneak peek of what the full package looks like.

There phone number is (305) 238-9453 and they can be reached during their business hours. They are normally closed on holidays, but their days of operation are Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You can find them on Facebook here. I recommend you tagging them on all your social media if you do end up going. You should follow us on Instagram while you are at it, so we can keep in touch.

If my blog wasn’t enough to convince you to visit, I highly recommend checking out some of the videos on YouTube about Safari Edventure. The videos give you more visuals as to what you are spending your money on.