Visiting the Vizcaya Museum and Garden was hands down the best way to spend the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. The weather was incredible and there was so much to see. This museum would be a perfect spot to take history lovers, architects and people who enjoy art and nature.

Although there were some strollers and bottles, I could see how young children could get easily bored after an hour of being inside. The outside however would be a more effective place for children to steam off some energy.

Vizcaya Museum was a winter home of International Harvester Vice President James Deering. The stunning property was built between 1914 and 1916 in an Italian Renaissance and Baroque Villa style.

Much of the properties in this house like furniture, lighting fixtures, doors and fire places were purchased by Deering while traveling through Europe. Below is a gold chandler hanging from an equally elegant ceiling with complimenting walls.


The vintage home is truly a stunning place. Despite its age, the building offers early 20th century appliances like heating, an electric telephone switchboard, two elevators, refrigeration, a vacuuming system and a fire control system. Not only was the mansion equipped with the latest technology, it was decorated from floor to ceiling with patterns, mirrors, and curtains. Each room having its own uniqueness. Below you can see a guest room, the breakfast room and the music room.

There were three key designers in the making of the Vizcaya. Francis Burrall Hoffman (1882-1980),  Diego Suarez (1888-1980) and Paul Chalfin (1873-1959). Hoffman was a Harvard graduate that worked closely with Deering throughout the design process. Suarez was best known for his garden layouts and his Hispanic touch. Lastly, Chalfin was brought on and labeled artist director to insure that Vizcaya replicated the Italian Renaissance fads at the time.

Despite so much to see inside the building, the outdoor part of the museum was incredible as well. There is a theater garden where small performances could be hosted, a maze garden that wasn’t complicated to get through, a secret garden that everyone knew about and a stone boat barge that doesn’t move.

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Deering knew what he was doing when building Vizcaya. The home is still lavish today and brings in large amounts of people in every year. Although the lines were fairly long around 1pm, the wait was quick because of the three cashiers working. One thing I was not a fan of was the admission prices of the museum. Even with my student discount, I ended up paying $40 for two people. Other that that, this museum would be best enjoyed on a cool, sunny day. Come prepared to take pictures and tag Vizcaya and myself if you do end up going and posting about it.

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The address for the museum and garden is 3251 South Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida 33129. You can give them a call at (305) 250-9133 during their regular business hours which are Wednesday through Monday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. They are closed Tuesdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Admission Prices:

Adult (18+) $22
Seniors 65 and older with ID $16
College Students with ID $15
Teens (13-17) $15
Child 6-12 $10
Children 5 and under Free
Visitors using wheelchairs $10
United States military veterans and active duty US military personnel with ID Free