Bullet journaling has changed my life forever. The effects of bullet journaling have mainly been positive, but there is a negative I now struggle with that I have never dealt with before.

I first learned about the technique at a local art store that held regular classes and meet ups around the creative idea. Upon getting engaged in this new community, I learned different ways to use my journal, I met new people and was able to have fun without much thought or criticism of myself.

As the art store closed and my hunger for learning grew, I was drawn to YouTube and other social media platforms to satisfy my art needs in bullet journaling. To my surprise, the online bullet journaling community was much more elaborate and decorative in their approach to this idea.

Their journals were detailed and artistic. Something that was all very new to me. I recognized that everyone was unique in their style of bullet journaling. At first, I was impressed and excited to find my journaling style but soon realized that my spreads couldn’t compare to the journals I had seen online.

I soon felt discouraged and unimpressed with myself. My bullet journal suffered not because of its look, but because of my lack of confidence in it. I neglected certain spreads and even gave up on other spreads because I felt that there was no saving the page.

Here are a few spread that I am not too proud of:

I show you these spreads not so you can compare yourself to me, but so you can see the spreads that discouraged me. They don’t have stunning calligraphy, cute stickers or decorative washi tape. However, they do have valuable information that is necessary for my organization and success in life and that is nothing to be ashamed of.

The main take away here is don’t let the creative side of bullet journaling get the best of you. The creator of the bullet journal method, Ryder Carroll, uses the most simplistic form for his bullet journal and he invited the idea!

Another take away is never compare yourself to anyone whether in journaling or in life. When comparing, it sets you up for failure because no one is ever able to analysis the person or thing you’re comparing fully because you can only see what is on the outside. Focusing on yourself and what works for you is the best way to go about living a life that is worth journaling about.

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