Many of us had plans we were all looking forward to this upcoming summer. Unfortunately, the virus has pretty much everyone on lock down to limit the spread of this global threat. With such a growing epidemic in our hands and the diverse shift of daily routine throughout out our planet comes internet memes, Snapchat filters and TikTok videos galore.

Many of these online creations hit on the difficulties of staying sane while in quarantine for three or more days. They portray that boredom has flooded the nation and we are all just itching to get outside because of it.

Now I am not saying that boredom is a bad thing. Boredom plays a key role that sparks necessary creativity in our lives. However, when we utilize the internets large variety of entertainment, we are not bored. We are fixed into what our friends are doing online through social media, or watching a movie that has explosions and romance.

Another level of boredom kicks in when you can’t use your smart phone any longer because you have seen the same content fifty times already. This boredom is what many people have been portraying through all social media platforms. The real boredom is just another excuse for not wanting to get things done because whatever you are ignoring is not as entertaining as social media.

In order to overcome the taunting factor of not wanting to get stuff done, finding inspiration that gets you excited again and again and again is critical. Inspiration looks and feels different for everyone though. One major struggle in finding inspiration and ultimately, motivation is just figuring out what you makes you consistently passionate.

In an effort to push productivity, increase motivation and spread inspiration, I have created a short list for you to help identify some things you could do to make the most out of your time locked away inside.

1. Spring Clean.

Spring cleaning is not the most exciting thing to do, but it is a common task that happens around this time of year. Cleaning in general is a time consuming process depending on what it is your cleaning out. In order to help make this task more bearable, break your cleaning into sections throughout the week. Not only are you planning out how you are going to use your time, it also helps set up the rest of your time in quarantine to be more successful because the environment you are placed in is organized.

2. Start with identifying hobbies and brainstorm from there.

Everyone has a hobby, whether they know it or not. Hobbies are critical for life because they bring in natural happiness. Finding something you love doing, that won’t be a burden on other responsibilities is the best way to make time fly. Some examples could include cooking, journaling, playing a sport or inventing something new. If your hobbies are outdoor, think about how you could do something similar indoors or at the very least away from people. Let’s say golfing is your hobby. Instead of going outdoors, try and creating a home golf course and work on control rather than power.

3. Do the things you never had the time for.

It is hard to try new hobbies because of everything else we juggle in our day to day lives. Now that time is not a problem, think about the last time you said to yourself “I wish I had time for that.” Simple things that can improve your lifestyle in this chaotic time are highly encouraged. Working out at home, building better content, and creating digital art are my three priorities during quarantine.

4. Read a book you have lying on your bookshelf.

We all have that book we bought on a whim and never read. Now is the time to commit to utilizing your resources and get your money’s worth on something you paid for. It could be for a class or maybe a personal read. The bigger message is to commit to working on different aspects of your brain to create growth mentally or at the very least, keeping your sanity.

5. Challenge yourself to difficult task with high rewards.

I know this sounds weird, but implementing little challenges with rewards that motivate you have resuls that are beneficial in many aspects of life. If I work out for an hour, I would reward myself with a brownie after dinner. These challenges don’t have to be complex or exactly the same as mine, but the reward must be big enough to give you motivation and inspiration.

I hope you found my post helpful in this time of chaos. Please be safe and try your best to stay indoors. Follow me on social media for more content. Links below.

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