When I started this blog, I really had no idea what I was signing up for. Despite the lack of education in this field, I found myself learning a lot through other bloggers and experimentation. I have learned numerous tips over the years, but the most important takeaway is the value behind blogging in itself.

  1. Blogging expanded my experience in many skills. 

From the outside looking in, blogging is a body of text thrown together with hyperlinks and imagery that provide information for an audience. From the inside, blogging is research, drafting, data analysis, typing, marketing, social media, photography, editing, web design, graphic design, teamwork and videography.

Blogging is a set of skills that compliment one another and help produce a variety of content for your audience. Through blogging, I have added skills on my resume that I continue to develop each week in order to grow my audience. The basic and most important skill of blogging is writing. When you commit to writing everyday for an hour or less, you develop your own unique voice through practice or trial and error.

2. Blogging makes me accountable. 

Growing an audience means consistent content. Not just any kind of consistent content, but great consistent content. I know that in order for people to subscribe or even come back to my page, I have to make what they see worth remembering. When I am developing a blog post, I have to keep this in mind in order to hold myself to a certain standard. I ask myself, “Would I stop and click on this?”

Accountability is necessary in blogging because it is what gets the ball rolling on whatever project is at hand. It also provides motivation for content creators like myself. I set a schedule every month that is reasonable in order to have a guideline. At the end of the month, I review what I did. Did I put out enough content to stay consistent with my audience? Did this content attract more people to my page?

3. Blogging helped me grow confidence.

Having a blog with a growing following and consistent content is more than enough proof that your writing is improving, even if it is just a little at a time. With practice comes process. With time, you will recognize your writing skills and grow confident in what you have to say on paper as well as online.

My confidence slowly grew with my writing, but I also learned confidence when speaking about my blog to other people. Starting a blog is a huge step and can be difficult to talk about but with the right mindset, nothing is impossible. Part of growing your blog is having the people you know in real life support you digitally through online interactions.

Thank you so much for reading. I really hope you enjoyed it and took something important away from it. Please support me through comments and follows! All of my social media is linked below for you! 😊





Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash