I often find myself having a few minutes before walking out the door. Most of the time, I have about 15 minutes or less. In these moments, I want to do something that doesn’t take much time, but is still productive that needs to get done. Instead, I end up resorting to my phone to get distracted for more time than I had originally.
When this happens, I get discouraged. I start asking myself, what could I have done instead of being on my phone? How can I better establish my time management with simple habits? Although it might not seem like it, change happens when baby steps are built into place and repeated everyday.
When I find myself doing something little yet useful before starting my day, I tend to have a better mindset going into whatever I have planned for that day. Leading the day with a minor change of positivity can set up your day for more success.

In an effort to build better habits and manage my time better, I created a simple Kill It List. I call it a Kill It List because ideally, it is a small list of things I can just kill off quickly with almost no thought, effort or time. It is a To-Do List that should be looked at when you have a few minutes to yourself.

My Kill It List can be found below! Remember, your list can look different than mine. Please feel free to add or subtract what you feel is necessary in order to fit your schedule and needs. Use my list as inspiration for what you want to get in 15 minutes or less.
My Kill It List:
  1. Wipe down windows
  2. Journal
  3. Take out the trash
  4. Check mail
  5. Walk animal
  6. Sketch something simple
  7. Brainstorm content
  8. Draft a poem
  9. Read
  10. Shower
  11. Organize a small space
  12. Wipe down counters
  13. Get a car wash
  14. Brainstorm a To-Do List for the day
  15. Stretch
The feeling of crossing something off on your to do list before you start the work day is something we all need to feel in this time of quarantine. The Kill It List is something that can really help you get into the habit of getting more things done because it can change your prospective of time.
The Kill It List can also be made into a fun challenge with yourself. It could be an everyday thing or it can vary on how many task you do in a month. Whatever gets you more pumped about using your time more wisely is encouraged.

After reading my Kill It List, what would your list look like? Comment it below! Also, please feel free to check out my other social media. Thank you so much for reading and feel free to check out my other blog post. Please support with a follow and a like!