This has definitely been a crazy year for everyone. I highly doubt anyone was expecting the multitude of precautions the government has taken for the safety of everyone throughout this global crisis. Throughout the world, we have had to change our everyday lives to adapt to a new social norm that is still changing everyday. Despite the rocky times, I wanted to share my bullet journal set up for July to show the simplicity that is needed in order to keep my sanity and productivity going this year.

For the month of June, I created a fun and colorful fruity theme to kick off the Summer and help enlighten my mood despite having to be indoors all day. In that monthly spread, I also took a stab at a Summer bucket list in hopes that I could still rekindle a summer experience worth remembering 50 years from now. If you would like to watch my June 2020 bullet journal spread come to life, check it out with the video below.

Although my theme was fun to look at, it was not helping me in ways I needed it to for this time in my life. With this in mind, I knew that my bullet journal spread in July was going to have to be simple and straight to the point. I decided to stick with a minimal bullet journal spread this month. 


Keeping in the lines of simple, I started with a thick border on the left side of my July cover page. The border was my foundation and was executed with a ruler and a 0.8 Copic Fine Liner pen in black. After the border, I sketched out the letters of July in the middle of the page. Once I was satisfied with the lettering, I set it with a small black brush pen that didn’t take much skill or time. It was too simple at this point and decided to top it off with random and definitely not straight lines. Needing a reason to use metallic pink washi tape, I tore up some old kraft paper and wrote, “Make it simple, but significant. -Don Draper” and stuck it to the other page.


I had quite a few things to track this month and was not about to waste my time writing out over two hundred numbers. With this in mind, I wanted a calendar that was just big enough to go on two pages, but small enough for my trackers and goals. I ended with about a 5 by 5 square for each day in the month. Although this page is not filled up completely yet, I do wish I would have made my goals and focuses the same size on the right hand side.


With quarantine going nowhere anytime soon, I figured some additional trackers where necessary this month to keep me sane while being inside all the time. A gratitude log was an obvious tracker for me this month because there is always good in life, you just have to remind yourself of it. I always love pushing my brain to think of more things to be grateful for because I know things can always be worse. I stuck with the simple black border for these pages and just worked with cursive for decorative lettering.

I am currently reading “Rich Women by Kim Kiyosaki” and hope to finish it before the end of August. It has been an interesting read so far and am glad I came across it. I wanted a simple reading tracker that would be easy to see how well I was doing throughout the month so I picked a horizontal bar graph to clearly define my process. As you can tell, I am not doing so well this month as far a reading goes. Hopefully that changes soon!


Logging daily has been another thing I am struggling this month with, but have been getting better at it as the month continues. I wanted to try something different this month and incorporate a small journal entry with everyday. My journal entries can be anything from how productive I was to what I have on mind in the moment. Although I have not done many journal entires, I really love this way of logging in my days. I can’t wait to read them all down the road.

As I said earlier, this months theme for my bullet journal is extremely simple for the sake of my sanity. Although very simple, I really love how I have been able to use this spread to get a grip back on my life. If anyone uses any of these spreads, please feel free to tag me on social media! Also, keep up to date with all my content with all the social media links below!