I have many goals this year that fall into all different categories, but the one I want to focus the most on is my professional writing.

Although classes throughout my undergraduate studies were around the topic of writing, I know that my skills are in need of deep refinement and old fashion hard work.

2020 was a year full of stress and confusion. This year must be the year of growth and determination. Once my confidence flourishes in my writing, I know those skills will transfer into everyday life. It will have a positive chain reaction.

I plan on being consistent with new writing weekly on my blog. I want to strengthen the thought of focus by niching down. This goal will also blend in nicely with other goals of mine like “creating more art graphics.”

Not only do I want to get better at my blogging skills, but take it a step further by writing more on a professional level. Professional writing can include research papers, persuasive essays and journalism.

The biggest struggle that I have faced in my writing so far is not dedicating enough time to practice. Personally, I know it takes me about a week to fully put together a blog post from start to finish. The reason it takes so long is because I only have a few hours everyday to dedicate my time.

Knowing this, I have to make time everyday to write. Even if it is just two to three sentences, it is better than an empty screen. I plan on dedicating my time by mapping out every hour of the day to track what I did and whether or not it was productive.

This way I will have the opportunity to look back at the entire month and see how I spent my time by the hour. This will also give me a visual of what time I do have so that I can set the free time to write.

If you would like to see a visual of my mapped out planning, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel and look out for my January Plan with me.

Here is a sneak peak at January’s bullet journal plan with me!

I really have no excuse for not making time to write. Since we have been in lock down, all there really is to do is write and explore different types of writing. This can be through many forms of reading and writing like modern internet post, old fashion literature text or even the paper.

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Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash