I probably have the worse memory known to man. Dates, times and details slowly fade away in my brain as life passes by. Although I have horrible memory, I still love to reminisce on good times and think back on moments that had an impact on me.

Photographs are always a great way to capture the moment. In today’s technology, it is close to effortless to take out your phone and snap a picture of what you are doing and save the exact date. Depending on your phone, you can even see where it was photo was taken.

However, life has its ups and downs. Pictures could be lost if they are not backed up into some kind of cloud. Hard drives could malfunction and distort precious moments or devices could be lost/ stolen, leaving you with just the thoughts of time.

Always, always back up your photos or documents into some kind of internet cloud because you just never know what can happen. After I save my moments digitally, I like to take it a step further and see what I can create from this positive moment in my life.

I like to take it a step further to reflect on my life and think critically on what this memory means to me. As I analyze my photos, I think about color, contrast and collage to create a mood to coincide with the moments I have in mind.

Once I have put in some thought to the memory(s) I want to amplify, I shift my efforts to paper. Not just any paper, but my bullet journal. Since my bullet journal is my go to for being as productive as possible, I want to include the moments that helped shape who I am in my #1 notebook.

It makes perfect sense to include collage\art journaling in your bullet journal to correlate the spread with a date. You could also have an art journal or a favorite notebook that you use like how I use my bullet journal. I know bullet journaling doesn’t work for everyone!

Keeping my memories in my journal allows for open space to think and reflect by including details like drawings or written notes and when I am feeling fancy, I pull out the washi tape. At times, I doodle something simple to coincide with the theme of the page. In a way I use my bullet journal as a creative platform, but also for productivity and memory keeping.

If you haven’t don so already, please check out my bullet journaling videos where I create different memory spreads: