I do not experience the unexplainable hate you deal with everyday.

I do not see the bitterness in other people’s eyes as they lay their gaze at you.

I do not feel the tension you experience because the color of my skin is light.

I do not hear the racial slurs barked at you as you walk down the street at night.

I do not fully understand your daily battle with a cynical and stereotyping society.

I do understand that you are not alone in the never ending battle that we both call home.

The odds are against you, this I know.

However, your melanin will never lose it’s glow.

As the boxed braids and dreads grow, so does your power against those who think of you as low.

As you rise to the top, remember your foes and never give up on your futuristic flow.

Keep your eyes on the dough because no ordinary joe can ever overcome your black power.

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Photo by Sebastian Molina fotografía on Unsplash