On Monday, I started my graduate degree in Leadership. Attempting to be a wise student, I wanted to start reading the text that was related to the upcoming assignment. The class and book are related to creative leadership, a style that has incredible benefits if done correctly.

I really loved some of the key points the authors bring to light to prepare the reader for the idea of the book. In Creative Leadership by Puccio, Mance, and Murdock, they define the style as has “the ability to deliberately engage one’s imagination to define and guide a group toward a novel goal..”

I find this definition very specific compared to the ever so broad term, leadership and creative. I also find it fascinating how in depth the book goes in regards to the skill set and how to capitalize on it in the work environment. Puccio, Mance, and Murdock, make it very clear that creative leadership can be done in many different forms.

Not only do they specify with examples and research, they go out of their way to over explain things just to ensure the reader is clear in the topics being discussed. The book is almost three hundred pages, but is very cohesive in its approach and language. I don’t recommend buying the book, unless it is for a class or you are conducting your own research. However, I do believe that the ideas and habits this book brings up are worth repeating and sharing to the rest of the world.

For example, creativity starts from within if you want to bring it out of others. This is a very simple concept, but holds so much truth. We all know that working with a successful team means higher productivity skills. If two people have the ability to bounce off ideas to one another in hopes of a blended hybrid plan, that in itself is a productive skill. Leaders lead by example, not by counting on a single person for legacy advise.

Additionally, putting yourself out there in complex situations helps get the brain moving as to possibilities for better ideas or new connections. Many self help books hone in on the idea of putting yourself in uncomfortable situations for self growth. My favorite example of this is from the famous author and business man, Robert Kiyosaki. Robert is very blunt when he talks about how you need to take risk in life to gain experience and better your problem solving skills.

Although Kiyosaki doesn’t hit on creativity necessary, he talks about skills that coincide with creative thinking. It is really important that you are never stagnate in life and always working on at least one thing you should be improving on. In the month of June, I have decided that I will be focusing on one habit to ensure better results. That habit is being more creative in all aspects of my life.

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