I recently finished an anime movie called, “This Corner of the World.” From the looks of the movie image, I thought this would be a very cliché romantic anime. I will not lie, there was a few cringe romantic moments, but instead it was a realistic perspective for those who lived and fought through World War II.

To my surprise, The movie focus less on romance and more on history and factual information. Although the movie was very slow at first, it’s sped up towards the middle and end. I will throw in a small disclaimer in now of how gruesome some scene can be for children depending on their age and maturity level.

Although there are a few bloody and sad scenes, this anime movie is so important for everyone to see. Not just children, but adults and elderly. It is simple enough for younger generations to understand, but not violent enough to scare them away from the truth. It helps anyone clearly show the affects of the World War II had on the Asian culture and supports evidence of why the cultured is shaped the way it is now.

If you decide to watch this movie, it will give you a clear look into World War II. The movie gives the perspective of the Asian community while fighting against the Soviet Union. It is estimated that about 73 million people lost their lives because of World War II. To put that in perspective for you: 6 million died during the Holocaust.

After watching this movie and researching the World War II death numbers, I was compelled to write an entire blog post on the anime movie. I do not normally write on anime, documentaries or Asian culture. However, the struggle these people faced during hard times blows my mind and gives me endless gratitude to be writing about it from the comfort of my home and not a single worry that I might be bombed.

This movie is definitely an eye-opening experience for anyone wanting to know more about the effects of war and how it impacted the history/culture of different countries. For example, starvation was one of the leading deaths in World War II. In the movie they make it clear that white rice was a privilege to eat for dinner. Since there was a lack food, the Asian Community had to really portion control and pull together what they could.

I’m not going to lie, I did cry multiple times throughout this movie. I have no shame admitting that. The tears were worth it because it encouraged me to learn more about World War II and lost that came with it. It is a history lesson that should never be forgotten, no matter what the circumstances are. Most importantly, there is a moral message in the movie that challenges the idea of war.

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