July has came and went in a blink of an eye and August is following up quickly behind with the end of the month around the corner. Before the month ends, I wanted to share some photos of my August bullet journal to give you better idea of what my journal came out to be and how it worked or didn’t work for me.


My monthly cover page didn’t make much of a change since it was more of an artist piece and transition page to get a better idea of this months concept. Although there was not much use of this page, it was extremely relaxing to create toward the end of July.


I am going to have to admit, I was horrible about keeping up with my trackers this month. Although my trackers were not filled out all the way, I always get so much use out of the monthly overview section when I make it a double page spread. Last month, I made the mistake of creating different sizing for my monthly goals and focuses. I am happy to say that this month I learned my lesson and made them as equal as I could.


Since we have been in quarantine, I figured I didn’t need too much room for logging in task the first week of August since the regulated quarantine. I instead wanted to use a weekly task list because most of the things I needed to do didn’t have a specific deadline.


I thought I would have liked the small week day boxes, but I was quick to find out that it was not nearly as helpful compared to my last monthly set up. Realizing this quickly, I fell back on a similar weekly spread in my June daily logging. I did enjoy the weekly task list, but not enough to commit to it for a whole month.

You can read and see my last month’s set up with the link here.


I ending up sticking with the three watercolor boxes per page for August because it was really easy to set up with the watercolors. It was also extremely fun to play with the yellow, green and brown.


Although I was not planning on using brown watercolor this month, I went with it on a whim because I ran out of yellow watercolor paint while setting up my bullet journal. I was not planing on having this light to dark transition throughout the month, but I was so please with how it turned out. I did stock up on some white gel pens just in case the black pen was hard to see on the brown.

I love seeing what other people come up with for their bullet journal so please feel free to comment some of your social media below for me to check out! Thank you so much for reading till the end. Please support me by checking out my other social media and interacting with my blog post.