August Bullet Journal Overview

Check out the before and after of my bullet journal for the month of August! This month’s theme was dragonflies. I picked dragonflies because many cultures symbolize the insect as mental maturity which was my focus throughout this month.

Transmedia storytelling; What is it and how can I use it for my business?

Transmedia story telling is a technique used to share a story experience across multiple platforms and formats using digital technology. This idea is also known as transmedia narrative or multiplatform storytelling. We might not realize it, but Transmedia Storytelling shows up quite a bit throughout our everyday lives. For example, a newly released gaming appContinue reading “Transmedia storytelling; What is it and how can I use it for my business?”

Soulless: A Short Poem

Ties tangled under my heart. Unrecognizable due to its chains.  Bones aching for a change yet, nails clawing at the surface of rage.  Skin boils with every passing day. But you always hear me say, “I’m okay.”  “Your mind is fine,” you proclaim.  “The body well maintained.” “I hate to say it, but I’ve gotContinue reading “Soulless: A Short Poem”