Fort Myers Beach, FL

If you have never been to Fort Myers Beach in Florida, I highly recommend taking a day off to visit there. I explored the beach for a day. The city and the beach are actually not as close as you would think, so I chose to spend my entire day at the beach. Here isContinue reading “Fort Myers Beach, FL”

Clam Bayou

Clam Bayou is a smaller city park, located in-between Gulfport, Saint Petersburg and Boca Ciega Bay. This estuary is an enclosed coastal area of brackish water, it isn’t exactly salt water, but definitely not fresh water. Below is geographic view of the park for a better idea. The sidewalk I took—also known as the Skyway Trail—isContinue reading “Clam Bayou”

Do Dumb Shit

BlackSheep is a place for youth to seek advice and use it to reach a greater potential in a personal stand point. With that being said, the lesson for today is DO DUMB SHIT. DISCLAIMER: When I say dumb shit I mean shit that you won’t regret later in life. If you have any slightContinue reading “Do Dumb Shit”