You see my wound And say “it will be okay” “Rub some dirt on it and go play” “It will heal soon some day” The blood out all in array. A band aid will never do. Yet, you insist like you always do Thinking you know what’s best But continuing to put this love toContinue reading “Band-aid”


Your mindset is the base for how the day can go or how you perceive any situation. It is the starting point to any thought or action. It is critical to control your mindset because you don’t want to fall into a deep, dark hole of negativity or irrational thinking. When a mindset is fullyContinue reading “Mindset”

Finding A Passion

Many people have something that gives them a drive in life. This drive pushes them to the opportunity of their full potential. People do it most in their free time and others pursue it as a career. What ever you do and how you do it doesn’t matter. It is about how often you do itContinue reading “Finding A Passion”

Healthy Habits

As the new year approaches and the same goals come around, I recommend adding to the long list of goals a healthier mind set because that is where it all starts. Looking at the glass half full rather than half empty helps build a prosperous mindset that can lead to achieving your goals rather thanContinue reading “Healthy Habits”

Why We Need To Vote

Voting is a political right that not everyone is fortunate enough to have. It is a privilege that many Americans do not take advantage of. It really does blow my mind that people refuse their opportunity of choosing our future leaders who will have an impact on many lives.The most critical thing about all ofContinue reading “Why We Need To Vote”