Looking at Life with a Smile

There are only two ways to go about life; having a negative outlook or positive outlook. If you choose to take a┬ápessimistic view of life, expect misery and sorrow. On the other hand, the path of optimism leads to appreciation and contentment. Your overall attitude towards life is critical in your self development. This simpleContinue reading “Looking at Life with a Smile”

Put Yourself First

At the end of the day, it is just you. The people you consider friends or lovers might not be with you in five or ten years. Someone always used to tell me, “People can come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.” You come first in any situation, since youContinue reading “Put Yourself First”

Patience is Key

Patience is an important trait in life. To some, it correlates to wisdom. A patient person is someone who is slow to anger when delays occur or suffering is present. Patience is critical in many ways with everyday life. Certain people we work with might require more patience than others. We may also find ourselfContinue reading “Patience is Key”

Summer Term pt. 2

I started this post exactly one year ago, but never finished it for many reasons. The first and only reason you will get is: “I wasn’t quite ready.” What I mean is, it was my first summer in college and I thought I had it all figured out, but after spending a little more thanContinue reading “Summer Term pt. 2”

Pinellas Pioneer Settlement

This unique place is a non-profit, volunteer organization. It was something I fell in love with. You might be wondering what a pioneer settlement is. To really simplify the definition for you, imagine taking a step back into late 19th century life in West Central Florida. The Pinellas Pioneer Settlement in St. Petersburg consisted ofContinue reading “Pinellas Pioneer Settlement”

Weedon Nature Preserve

Weedon Nature Preserve is located in North Saint Petersburg. This Preserve is over three thousands acres and home to many wildlife, artifacts, and scenery. The greatest thing about it all is it’s completely FREE! The preserve is home to many activities like paddle boarding, kayaking, and walking or biking trails. Weedon Nature Preserve splits upContinue reading “Weedon Nature Preserve”